Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™ -  Home Collection




Nice quality
Like everything about this set, the containers are better quality, not flimsy plastic.

Hope they work as described.
Seattle_starbird, WA

ellnora, MI

Saves veggies!
A person has to make it a habit to use these boxes, including wiping off water droplets several times a week. I have gotten used to them, and my celery, spinach, peppers and other items that can go bad quickly last a really long time. I throw very little out of my fridge anymore. Another trick is to buy produce as fresh as possible in the store. I look through many bags of spinach to find the one without air, and no bruises on the leaves. These last the longest. The boxes are well worth the price.
sade498, WI

Saves me money on fruit spoiling!
Love all the Debbie Meyer products! But the Green Boxes are by the best purchase I've made in her line!
jbweldon2012, MD

Back to Basics
The plastic is hard plastic now it is back to the basics..... works great need to keep the moisture out with paper towel but other than that works great
Machelle78, OR

Debbie Meyer green boxes
Love them
Naynay166, FL

love these They really do work
neet5, MI

Great idea love this product
Love the idea
Jean4697, FL

Great Boxes
Have used it just a few days but as far as for bread it work great hope it works as well on other stuff as well
kb4ech, CA

A great product,love the new salad bowl set
This is my second time buying this product and I love it,always keep everything dry.
cardmaking, MI

You know I almost didn't buy these because I've heard such bad reviews on some of the stuff I purchase them I ended up buying two more sets because this really saves my food by that saves me money the home collection is fantastic ...
davinci773, IL

Thank You!
I really like this set. It came in every size I needed. I have an old green box set and they're not as thick as this one. Thanks for the upgrade!...
msdee504, LA

secretary_shirl, OH

Great Value
I love love my Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes!!This is my 3rd set of the Home Collection...I did buy the thinner version but the lids kept cracking:(I would highly recommend these!!! they keep my food fresh for at least 2 weeks.
Trace327, OH

Green boxes
Love everything
Done3, GA

Love these!
I love these! I keep my fruit in them and it stays fresh for much longer in these than it used to just on the counter before I got this set, and as a bonus, does not attract fruit flies or gnats! yay! :)
PJ5816, FL

Found these to be very helpful. My cabinet looks very organize now. They stack very easily in the refrig. Only thing I found that the lids are very easy to crack.
Know7me, MO

Love These Contaiers
This is one of the best investments that I've ever made. The containers are so versatile that
Specialk19401, FL

These GreenBoxes are very interesting... I like that you can put stuff in them and into the frig they go and then out to the Microwave! I ordered this set because HSN seemed to be the only place to get the Lettuce Bowl w/the strainer...Not sure it really is great...but generally seems good..I have enough of these boxes now to open a to find a place for them in the kitchen...tricky w/so many...Use the Bread boxes the most!
Pretties, FL


Great Set! eilulu FL

The sizes of these containers are perfect! I have never used the GreenBoxes before,

but my lettuce is staying so crisp, a few heads is all it will take to pay back the expense.

I am considering another set! 


Debbie Meyer Greenboxes marpo oh

received my order of the greenbox set, and am so excited! I put bread and bagels in the large box, and they stayed so fresh - much longer than anywhere else I stored them. as for fruit, my fresh raspberries and strawberries stayed so fresh that I didn't lose a single one. that hasn't happened in a long time. I highly recommend this storage set for everyone who appreciates less wastefulness of food and money. I also ordered a set of the greenbags and have most of my produce in the cool portion of the refrigerator. amazing!!! thanks so much.


Extraordinary sue621 AR

I love my GreenBoxes. I'm saving money every time I use them and they keep my food items fresher and they last longer! I've used the Green Bags for a few years now, but I'm so happy Debbie Meyer introduced the GreenBoxes to the world!!Thank you Debbie!


Really works AmazingWoman FL

This is my third set. I use them for everything and they really keep things much longer. 


nice stufff lorma CA

Just a household of 2, I want to keep produce products fresh. This product works. I do wipe out the containers and the product in them between use as directions say not to store anything wet. Except for the salad keeper as it has a drain insert. I use the bread keeper to store heads of unwashed romaine. Washing directions are a bit vague. i do not know if these containers are dishwasher safe - Debbie Meyer does not say - so I wash them by hand. Yes, I recommend them. So many containers come in the set I have not found use for them all! Very pleased at the price!


Debbie Meyer Green Boxes 102559 OR

These boxes are great. This is my second set. My first set I split with my daughter who also is in love with these.They do what they say they do. I love how crisp things stay and how they last. Thanks, Debbie Meyer and HSN


Keep your food fresh!! BF58 NY

This is the 3rd set of these containers that I've owned and I love them! Great selection of sizes and these will keep your food fresh!


Even better than before Nancy1200 FL

I received this over a week ago. I had lunchmeat, which usually only last a few day. Seven days later, its like it was just sliced. I bought buns for brats a week ago, used yesterday and they were like they were just baked. I had her old boxes years ago, there are even better than before!


Debbie Meyer greenboxes maryannematch82 PA

What a perfect set I got this to complete mine with the starter set they work as well as have a much stronger than any other I have given away the expensive ones and already saved money wow nice set much better value than other offers elsewhere thanks hsn and Debbie used the bags for years since they came out!


Money Saver/Time Saver 5_for_grace NC

I bake a lot. Homemade breads and cookies stay fresh for two days and then start to stale. Not anymore! With Debbie Meyer's GreenBoxes my family has been able to enjoy our baked goods throughout the week. I can bake bread once a week instead of 3 times a week. I know my bread will remain fresh throughout the entire week because of the

GreenBoxes. I am impressed. Thank you Debbie! You have saved me time and money.


The Best Jblatts MN
I now wish I had purchased two sets. We had no idea how well these work

and how fresh they really do keep everything.

Awesome starbraker MI

Love them cana2262 FL
Have brought several sets, our refrigerator and counter tops are full of green containers. They do keep

everything lasting longer.

Great product pokey01 AL
I really like & enjoy this product & recommend it to anyone who wants to keep things longer & fresher

Great Green Boxes Bedfordfalls MA
This was a great set of a really nice assortment of different size boxes. I am very glad I ordered them.

love these Becki613 IA
I bought this set for my son and his family since I have liked my set so much. I had always had trouble keeping lettuce and spinach before I tried green boxes. Give them a try I think you will find you toss less produce.

Green boxes firstdownfranks MI
I got these and I love them they work and great sizes !

Green Unit Saver OilRep TX
I storage boxes has save me great deal of moneybecause items stay fresh longer. We do not waste money on Zip Lock bags anymore. We put left overs in them and are able to re-heat with no problems.

Save the food suesew MI
Like all the boxes but really like the basket with the strainer, lettuce stays fresh a long time.

work great… micgloria FL
Boxes worked just like advertised. It is nice to open the box and your lettuce is more crispthan before you put It in.

Wonderful quality!!! YES! YES!! YES!!! suomiflag MO
I couldn't be more pleased! These are so sturdy and I find them easier to open and close than the light weight ones! I may order another set. The objections I have read about not being able to see inside can be remedied with painters tape and a marker. It is so true how long food stays fresh in these boxes! For example mushrooms look and taste just as fresh a couple weeks later as the day I bought them. I have also effortlessly lost weight without even trying and I am SURE it is because veggies, salad and fruit stay so fresh and crisp. Leftovers also stay fresh! I buy really GOOD vacuum packed coffee that I have always refrigerated, but now in a Debbie Meyer box, the last scoop is as good and fresh as the first!

I'm delighted! They really work! MollyMae8 VA
I am so delighted with my Debbie Meyer Green Boxes. They work as advertised and have far exceeded my expectations.

WONDERFUL! suomiflag MO
I love this size and was thrilled to find them in stock again! I love them for celery, romaine, and really for everything! I like it that they are heavy-duty like the Home Collection boxes! I stack them in my refrigerator and shared one with my daughter. She is a Debbie Meyer fan now, too. Next, I plan to give a Home Collection to my son and daughter-in-law for their second anniversary. I have discovered they are also perfect for keeping citrus fruit like new!

Greenboxes are GREAT!  MinnieMouseCin VA
I LOVE all of Debbie Meyer's greenboxes, bags (and sponges!!!)They really do work like she says they do! You will not throw away fruit and veggies like you did before when you use these products as instructed. Now I can pack my lunches for the work week, and everything will stay fresh!Thank you Debbie!!!!

Exactly What I Needed!!! Purple biker CA
Perfect for celery and breads! Love the size and sturdier lid construction! I hope the other containers will soon be made with this type of lid! Lid is much easier to open and much better all the way around! These items do work very well! No more cutting celery in half and using up 2 containers! Celery will keep fresh for a week or more in these!

Divided Plates 8 Piece turps  CA
These are wonderful! I've had them on the past and friends walk away with them and they never seem to return! I can fix extra meals and then freeze them and pop them in the microwave. These 2 sets I'm hanging onto for dear life! Lol Th we y are very popular with everyone in the family.

Great Great Buy! Momma goodness  KY
I'm so very glad I ordered this set of divided plates. Can you offer different sizes and a larger set in the future? What about a smaller set, plus this set and a larger set sold together. Plus, if you can think about drinking tumblers too. This was so worth the price, I had to buy another set. Great buy!

nice  sunshineCA  CA
My second set perfect for storage.

Amazing! DeniseC06 DE
This is great to keep portion sizes and as well as storing a couples days of meals, especially on our busy schedule. Glad I turned on the t.v that and started flipping channels.

sourdough bread janchristine123 OR
I'm still eating the loaf I bought 3 weeks ago, no mold, (although I am toasting it now because of dryness). This is a keeper!

They really work! Santabarbara3 FL
I have been buying green bags & containers from HSN. For is amazing how well they work. I love the new bread box size…

Saving Money GadgetGirl47 NM
This is my second set of the bread boxes. I just had to have more. I will probably order another set within the next few months. My bread stays fresh a minimum 2 weeks past the expiration date. The bread is still soft and fresh. Highly recommended.

Breadboxes edenvallwy NY
love them, We were wasting so much bread, loaves are so big. now it says fresh longer,

Saving a lot of "bread”! aleducator54 MI
I have been patiently waiting for this bread keeper and am just thrilled to have it. I probably throw away more bread from a loaf than I use. Not anymore! I love it!!!

The best bread saver I have ever seen! I love all of her products......can't wait till I have the whole collection!

Works great on bananas and bread BobbyBaby1 OH  Review Date: 1/14/2015
I purchased two of these bread containers--have used them several months, with excellent results. The bread, rolls, bagels all stay fresh and soft so much longer. I was so impressed with this product that I bought four more recently. Right now, I am pleased to report I have had much success with keeping bananas fresh and staying yellow for a full week on the counter! Usually, by now, the bananas have turned dark and are mushy. Not so with Debbie Meyer bread boxes.

Awesome product! Blondie0277 PA
Debbie Meyer's GreenBoxes Breadboxes do exactly what she says - keeps food fresh! I use mine not only for bread, but also for other food products such as pasta with fresh veggies, and fresh fruit salads. You won't be disappointed in this product!